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Have you heard people boast about how they have the ability of the keeping the number of times they had alcohol or abused drugs in their heads? Well, it is not only the grey matter that aids in keeping a count of things on the head, the hair strands too are default logs that store information pertaining to it. A single hair strand that is cut from the scalp line at the crown is good enough to ascertain things, which might be a worry for some who think that they can fool the world with fake urine samples!

How time period can it detect?
Dont be shocked when you know the truth – the hair can store information for as long as its length. Hair samples of 1.5 inches length can do the trick as 0.5 inches represents 30 days! This historical time period is a worry for some who think that they can get away with last week’s drug abuse or last month’s alcoholic bar fight!

How long does it take for a hair to show signs of drug or alcoholic abuse?
It all depends on the hair growth. On an average a strand of hair grows about 1.5 inches length during a month. Going by that, it takes about 4 – 5 days for the affected hair to grow on top of the scalp from the time of abuse. It is pertinent to remember that it’s the crown hair that can be used for such tests and not body hair as the rate of growth of the body hair is a lot slower than the former.

Is it possible for external exposure to drugs and alcohol to reflect on hair?
Disappointment again for those looking for a safe passage clause! It is a No! Hair sample tests for drug and alcoholic abuses take into account both the parent and the metabolite of drug usage. Metabolites can be present only in the case of direct consumption and not physical exposure. Therefore, for all those who are trying to pull out a few tricks off their sleeves will be in for a major disappointment.

In lieu with the above, hair drug tests are promoted as the safest and fool proof method of drug testing today. There are plenty of hair drug testing kits available for the same.

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