You have marijuana screening in 24 hours time and you just smoked weed last night! There are many who would find themselves in this situation. Particularly, if you are a job seeker and you need to test negative otherwise a THC positive stamp will be against your name which can keep you jobless for several months. There are plenty of techniques that are being promoted these days but you are never sure as to which ones are the most reliable for you. To help you come out of your soup, here is what you need to do…. Read on to know…

Mix Certo with a full bottle of Gatorade, consume it, follow it up with another full bottle of Gatorade
Both these are diuretics that will help you to dilute your pee big time. This acts as a cleansing agent that cleanses your body off the THC by excreting as much urine as possible throughout the day. Be prepared to spend the better part of your day in the rest room. This will make you urinate so much during the day that eventually when the time comes for you to take the actual sample, the urine will be as clear as water, and bingo test passed!

Submit a Duplicate Sample
It is simple and best. However, there are plenty of things that you need to be careful about like not spilling or ability to take it into the premises without being spotted. There is no bigger embarrassment than being caught while cheating.

Drink up a liter of Cranberry juice, ask for Vale in a headshop
Do not utter a word that you are trying to flush out THC, just inform the shop keeper that you have a condition and are in need of it. The solution that you get will help drain off the body toxins in matter of minutes.

The above given tricks will work wonders for you, but for your own good, make a pact with yourself that you are not going to go through this again. Remember this is just an emergency survival option and must never be abused. Never use short cuts for detox, as it will not be supportive for a healthy system.