It can be overwhelming for an employer to note that 75% of drug abusers today are employed people. It needs no counsel to tell you that drug abuse impacts employee efficiency and this is why many businesses today have an employee-screening program in place to ensure workplace safety and efficiency.

Apart from affecting regular work schedules, there is also the possibility of increasing costs by way of workers compensation and medical costs. Though such screenings are conducted in most offices today, employers unknowingly put themselves as risk by not having a highly efficient program in place. Some common voids in the drug testing programs need to be filled in order to make it effective. Here are some suggestions that will help in developing and reviewing their program for maximum efficiency.

Partnering with experienced drug screening professionals
A drug screening program requires professional expertise as it is pertinent to take the necessary precautions and to safeguard the organization against compliance and legal risks. Business houses today can tie up with third party professionals, who are well versed in handling such tasks, thereby ensuring their compliance to state and federal regulations.

Evaluating Testing Methods
It is no surprise that urine testing remains as the most common drug testing method in practice today. Urine testing usually requires a worker to visit an off-site or lab facility. With a 72 hour window detection, urine tests may not actually help you detect whether an individual is a regular abuser or not. Also with modern science, it is possible to adulterate the samples or provide false ones. Saliva testing and hair testing are two of the best ways to that can be used to test for substance use. It is pertinent for employers to consider such alternatives instead of sticking to the same old evaluating methods.

Increasing Frequency and Reach
It has been noticed that workplace drug testing is carried on mostly as part of the recruitment process. Not many business houses are interested in carrying out employee drug testing for current employees. That too there are seldom any random drug tests conducted instead the same is done when there is an incident or suspicious behavior of employees. All these indicates only one thing – employers are not doing enough when it comes to conducting drug tests. They have to ensure that drug testing is not limited to pre-employment and random tests are conducted for the current workforce. A frequency increase and better reach will help in detecting drug abusers better and will also ensure a safe and drug-free working environment.


The laws are a bit relaxed these days with the introduction of legal recreational and medical marijuana use. Hence the testing methods have also moved from detecting the presence of marijuana in the system to evaluating how much of it has been consumed by individuals. This can be determined only through laborious blood tests carried out in labs as against the easy urine samples for the former. The point however to be noted is that unlike alcohol, drug testing is a little complicated when it comes to blood tests as the active ingredient of the drug tends to manifest itself in different ways in different individuals.

Permissible driving limit is a fair call
Though there are arguments flying hitherto regarding this, medical experts feel that the permissible limits of 5 nanograms of THC for drivers is a fair call. There are complaints from some that the limit is too low (consumers perhaps) but there are others who suggest that such permissible limits can lead to impairment. It is important to understand that this permissible limit has been set after detail analysis based on an in-depth drugged driving study data in Europe.

Chronic users can have 5 ng of THC at all times
The more people use marijuana, the more it becomes part of their system. People, who have been in the habit of using marijuana for long periods of time, will have 5ng in their blood at all times, even if they had not used pot in the last 48 hours. That is one thing that makes blood tests very unpredictable when checking for use in the last few hours or so. There have been cases where people have been completely sober even if their tests reveal that they have 10 ngs in their system at the time of testing.

Time plays a major role in measuring active THC
When it comes to alcohol testing, consumption within 2 hours is good enough to indicate the presence of it in the blood stream. However, in the case of THC its parent compound has very less life span. First timers when tested have shown a significant drop in THC levels in blood. People testing positive for 100 ngs have tested positive for 5ngs in matter of 5 hours, which is a ridiculously short span. Hence, drawing samples as early as it is consumed alone can reveal its presence in the blood.

THC leaves the body slowly because of its fat soluble nature
THC creates a depot of the drug in the system as a stockpile that releases itself slowly out of the fat tissue even if the individual stops consuming any additional marijuana after the permissible limits. Hence, detecting the drug for recent consumption becomes difficult. In the case of alcohol, its water soluble, hence the body gets rid of it at certain quantities per hour and consumers can actually sleep over it.

Blood testing doesn’t reveal the difference between vaporising, ingesting or smoking marijuana
Though the consumption and the effect of marijuana abuse differs, not much can be found out through blood tests. When weed is smoked the THC gets absorbed directly into the lungs and spreads to the body from there. In the case of edibles, the dosage gets absorbed by the liver from whence it gets distributed into the blood stream. Likewise, there are different strains of marijuana like how there are different types of alcoholic beverages like vodka and beer. Each has a different impact and it influences the allowable 5 ngs limit.


We are going to talk about six different ways and means as to how individuals can escape being caught for drug or alcohol abuse especially in the workplace. For employers however, the information given below will be an eye opener to understand what they are up against when it comes to drug tests.

Detox Drinks
This has become one of the most commonly used methods for drug abusers in the present day. These detox drinks are popular because they can be easily carried, can be fooled for a casual soda and can be kept in the car, ready to use if the need arises. They look very similar to fruit drinks, hence, makes it very difficult for employers to differentiate. Detox drinks have a masking effect. The drink is basically mixed with water and consumed. The individual urinates about 2-3 times frequently after such consumption and the concerned toxins are excreted by the body. Once this is done, the body functions normal and the urine sample collected after that doesn’t test positive for drugs.

Synthetic Urine
Dehydrated urine or synthetic urine comes in the form of powder which needs to be mixed with water. Most individuals who use the synthetic urine, keep it concealed under their clothes and during the time of the test, use this instead of the actual urine sample. Most common containers for the synthetic urine are condoms and other plastic latex containers. This enables to bring the synthetic urine’s temperature up to that of the normal human urine. This benefits the drug abusers to a large extent and they do not stress as they know for sure that they will not test positive for sure. However, there are incidents where the container has been punctured by accident and the liquid spilling all over the body thereby causing more embarrassment than it would if they did get caught for drug abuse.

Using the Whizzinator
The whizzinator is a product that resembles the human genitals. It is used in places where fake urine samples can be used during monitored urine collections. Here individuals use either synthetic urine or someone else’s urine sample that is stored in a container that looks similar to the genitals. The observer present in the scene is fooled that it is the original while the drug abuser can get away with it. However, it needs some expertise to be able to handle the whizzinator.

Sample Substitutions
Clean urine from either a friend or family can be obtained in a container and used instead of giving a self-sample. The method however is similar to that of using synthetic urine. The only difference here is that the urine sample is collected from either a human or an animal. It is pertinent to remember that animal samples can be used in rapid drug tests where the testing may not be able to detect the difference between a human and animal. However, the same may not work in the case of laboratory testing.

Sample Dilutions and Over the counter medications
Some over the counter drugs are used to boost creatinine levels. This is often mixed with urine dilution. Creatinine is produced only in the human urine, increasing its production can help in ascertaining that the urine is a pure sample sans any dilution. Combining these drugs, drinking good amount of water and diluting the urine sample collected are some tricks that people have up their sleeves today.

Cleansing Agents
Habitual drug abusers often use extended detox kits. These kits are good enough to make the individuals pass the urine tests without being detected. Some regular users who use pot even 3 times a day have been known to have tested negative with the help of these detox kits. However, these kits do not come cheap, so it can be used as a last option if the user cannot resist using but still does not want to be detected.


The process of detecting the presence of drugs in a person’s biological system is known as drug testing. The increase in the usage of drugs has made detecting and preventing drug usage a necessity. Drug tests are categorized into various types that include saliva, urine, blood and hair tests. The drugs present in saliva are detected by the saliva drug testing. Some drugs such as marijuana, opiate, cocaine, amphetamine, alcohol, benzodiazepines and Methamphetamine can be detected using the saliva drug test. Even multiple drugs can be detected at one go using multi-panel test kits. Apart from serving the purpose, these saliva drug tests are also time and cost effective.

Where and how saliva drug testing is used?
Homes or workplaces are where saliva drug testing is used. Drug consumption at the workplace can cause havoc to both the employer and employees. Saliva drug testing is used by an employer to detect if a particular employee is involved in drug consumption or not. Apart from being non-invasive, it can be conducted on-site. At the workplace, the test is conducted during employment after the occurrence of some accident or maybe on a regular basis. At home, parents conduct drug tests to check if their kids are addicted to drugs. Parents prefer saliva drug testing as kids cannot adulterate the sample.

Besides being the most efficient way of detecting drug abuse in drivers, these tests are conducted by courts too. The process of saliva drug test starts with putting a swab between the gums and lower cheeks of the person. Within a span of a few minutes, there is a reaction between drug-protein conjugate. The occurrence of a colored line on kit is a clear indication of drug abuse and vice versa.

Advantages of saliva drug test
Parents, employers, school management and various other organization use saliva drug testing. The process of the test is very easy. Minimum effort is required in collecting the sample. Due to the requirement of the least number of equipment, it can be conducted anywhere and anytime. Saliva drug test is a cost effective and non-invasive process. Within 5-10 minutes, one gets an accurate result of the test. The chances of adulteration of the sample are least. Drugs taken one or two hours before the test is conducted can be detected using the saliva test. It can also detect PCP and methamphetamine for three days. Conducting regular tests will minimize the evil of drug abuse lurking in the society.