It can be overwhelming for an employer to note that 75% of drug abusers today are employed people. It needs no counsel to tell you that drug abuse impacts employee efficiency and this is why many businesses today have an employee-screening program in place to ensure workplace safety and efficiency.

Apart from affecting regular work schedules, there is also the possibility of increasing costs by way of workers compensation and medical costs. Though such screenings are conducted in most offices today, employers unknowingly put themselves as risk by not having a highly efficient program in place. Some common voids in the drug testing programs need to be filled in order to make it effective. Here are some suggestions that will help in developing and reviewing their program for maximum efficiency.

Partnering with experienced drug screening professionals
A drug screening program requires professional expertise as it is pertinent to take the necessary precautions and to safeguard the organization against compliance and legal risks. Business houses today can tie up with third party professionals, who are well versed in handling such tasks, thereby ensuring their compliance to state and federal regulations.

Evaluating Testing Methods
It is no surprise that urine testing remains as the most common drug testing method in practice today. Urine testing usually requires a worker to visit an off-site or lab facility. With a 72 hour window detection, urine tests may not actually help you detect whether an individual is a regular abuser or not. Also with modern science, it is possible to adulterate the samples or provide false ones. Saliva testing and hair testing are two of the best ways to that can be used to test for substance use. It is pertinent for employers to consider such alternatives instead of sticking to the same old evaluating methods.

Increasing Frequency and Reach
It has been noticed that workplace drug testing is carried on mostly as part of the recruitment process. Not many business houses are interested in carrying out employee drug testing for current employees. That too there are seldom any random drug tests conducted instead the same is done when there is an incident or suspicious behavior of employees. All these indicates only one thing – employers are not doing enough when it comes to conducting drug tests. They have to ensure that drug testing is not limited to pre-employment and random tests are conducted for the current workforce. A frequency increase and better reach will help in detecting drug abusers better and will also ensure a safe and drug-free working environment.

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