When it comes to drug testing, there are common illusions that people have regarding the tests and results. Here is a blog that will help you to burst that bubble.

Myth: Marijuana stays put in your body for a very long time
Fact: Depending on the concentration of cannabis used, chronic users can possibly test positive for marijuana use for as less as 7 days and in extraordinary and extensive drug abuse cases, it can be detected after 21 days from the last smoked pot. A not so regular user can be detected within 7 days the oldest since the last smoked episode.

Myth: Drug tests can show ‘False Positive’ results
Fact: The initial screening data is non-specific but sensitive. This high sensitivity can cause a screening to be positive even if there is no specific evidence as to its presence in the sample. However, credible drug screening diagnostics today, use a chromatographic – mass spectrometry confirmation test to confirm all positive initial screening tests. These tests offer true confirmation or non-confirmation of those positive results.

Myth: You cannot cheat a drug test
Fact: There are many ways available in the present day to subvert results and beat drug tests. These tips and tricks can be broadly classified under three methods
Oxidization – substances are consumed that help oxidize the urine by breaking up nitrite or glutaraldehyde which are detectable metabolites
Substitution – where frozen or dehydrated urine is used as substitutes for original urine samples
Dilution – drug tests are tested positive based on the concentration of the abusive substance in the urine, hence diluting agents are used to dilute the concentrated levels of substance thereby giving a better oppurtunity to pass the test. Natural diluting agents are also consumed like vitamin C, fruit juice, and drinking copious amounts of water that will help to dilute the urine output.

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