Urine Drug Testing

The most commonly practiced drug testing method is the urine drug test. This type of test is the most cost effective and fastest technique that is followed to detect drug use. The main benefits of this type of drug testing are that it is safe and minimally invasive. The results of this test are usually given within 24 hours to 48 hours ensuring quick turnaround of the subjected person. There are chances for the concerned person to make use of masking agents or products to cheat the test and pass it (learn more here). However, some tests can detect the presence of masking agents and here’s An Overview Of Urine Drug Testing.

Despite the ability of such drug tests, there are products that are available in the market to beat these tests and show that the person is innocent. A slew of such products are available both online and in specialty stores. Such products come in the form of a powder, liquid or ready to use form. The temperature of these artificial products is very important to pass the test. If it is not of body temperature, it will be rejected raising unnecessary suspicions. In addition, the product should comprise all the aspects of the human pee, as these aspects will be detected in the lab tests.

There are situations where people substitute their sample with a clean sample of another person to clear the drug test. Though such a drug test method is known to be less invasive and inexpensive, it is known to be the easiest one to evade. As this method can be cheated easily, other drug testing methods such as saliva, sweat and hair testing methods are implemented these days. These may not be as easy, convenient and cost effective as the urine drug testing, but they are highly reliable. Next time, you need to check someone for the influence of drugs, do the careful inspection of this method or opt for another one that is accurate and tough to cheat.

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