About Me

Antone SquireHi Folks! I am a pathologist by profession, who understand the nuances of the trade and more so when it comes to drug testing. Being a pathologist, helps my understanding of how things work with drug testing and its impact on the corporate environment.

Drug screening requires more than what meets the eye. I am affiliated to one of the leading corporate bodies and have been involved in screening their employees for them. I lead the way in drug testing and I specialize in cannabis detection among other abusive substances.

This blog serves as an online log of things that keep popping up on my mind as a professional and some are from day-to-day experiences I have at the pathology or the affiliated company. I have put together a useful compilation of things pertaining to drug tests that is useful to both employers and drug abusers alike. Just like everything else in life, I understand that there will be pros and cons here too. I hope my readers are kind enough to help me understand them in the best way possible. Write to me and I assure that you will be heard.

You can contact me at Contact form or punch me a mail to [email protected] Being a workaholic, you will not find me replying immediately, but I will reply at the earliest possible. Thanks for your patience in reading through this blabber of mine on this page. Hope you find the others useful though.