Urine Drug Testing

The most commonly practiced drug testing method is the urine drug test. This type of test is the most cost effective and fastest technique that is followed to detect drug use. The main benefits of this type of drug testing are that it is safe and minimally invasive. The results of this test are usually given within 24 hours to 48 hours ensuring quick turnaround of the subjected person. There are chances for the concerned person to make use of masking agents or products to cheat the test and pass it (learn more here). However, some tests can detect the presence of masking agents and here’s An Overview Of Urine Drug Testing.

Despite the ability of such drug tests, there are products that are available in the market to beat these tests and show that the person is innocent. A slew of such products are available both online and in specialty stores. Such products come in the form of a powder, liquid or ready to use form. The temperature of these artificial products is very important to pass the test. If it is not of body temperature, it will be rejected raising unnecessary suspicions. In addition, the product should comprise all the aspects of the human pee, as these aspects will be detected in the lab tests.

There are situations where people substitute their sample with a clean sample of another person to clear the drug test. Though such a drug test method is known to be less invasive and inexpensive, it is known to be the easiest one to evade. As this method can be cheated easily, other drug testing methods such as saliva, sweat and hair testing methods are implemented these days. These may not be as easy, convenient and cost effective as the urine drug testing, but they are highly reliable. Next time, you need to check someone for the influence of drugs, do the careful inspection of this method or opt for another one that is accurate and tough to cheat.


When it comes to drug testing, there are common illusions that people have regarding the tests and results. Here is a blog that will help you to burst that bubble.

Myth: Marijuana stays put in your body for a very long time
Fact: Depending on the concentration of cannabis used, chronic users can possibly test positive for marijuana use for as less as 7 days and in extraordinary and extensive drug abuse cases, it can be detected after 21 days from the last smoked pot. A not so regular user can be detected within 7 days the oldest since the last smoked episode.

Myth: Drug tests can show ‘False Positive’ results
Fact: The initial screening data is non-specific but sensitive. This high sensitivity can cause a screening to be positive even if there is no specific evidence as to its presence in the sample. However, credible drug screening diagnostics today, use a chromatographic – mass spectrometry confirmation test to confirm all positive initial screening tests. These tests offer true confirmation or non-confirmation of those positive results.

Myth: You cannot cheat a drug test
Fact: There are many ways available in the present day to subvert results and beat drug tests. These tips and tricks can be broadly classified under three methods
Oxidization – substances are consumed that help oxidize the urine by breaking up nitrite or glutaraldehyde which are detectable metabolites
Substitution – where frozen or dehydrated urine is used as substitutes for original urine samples
Dilution – drug tests are tested positive based on the concentration of the abusive substance in the urine, hence diluting agents are used to dilute the concentrated levels of substance thereby giving a better oppurtunity to pass the test. Natural diluting agents are also consumed like vitamin C, fruit juice, and drinking copious amounts of water that will help to dilute the urine output.

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A job seeker has enough worries attending a job interview to stand a chance of getting the job, leave alone the stress of worrying extra of how he/she will be judged by what they pee in a cup! It is pertinent that you do all that is possible so that you maximize your future employment chance and not let that Friday night doobie affect it. If you are asked for a urinalysis test, here is how you can stand a fighting chance to pass it.

How it Works
Urinalysis is basically drug screening to check for prior drug ingestions. The samples collected from the candidates are checked for the presence of THC’s primary metabolite called THC-COOH. The ratio that is checked for per milliliter of urine. The admissible quantity is 50 nanograms. The collected sample is split into half, the first half is detected for the presence of macromolecules by forming and measuring the amount of antibodies produced. If this is positive, then the second sample is tested. If this comes up as negative, it is clear that there has been no drug abuse from the individual.

The second sample is subjected to gas chromatography for detection of THC-COOH. It’s bad news for tokers, as THC is fat soluble, it stays in the system, much longer than any other abusive substances and releases itself from time to time, thereby staying put for up to 90 days. This can invariably account for being tested positive. Hence, the more it is consumed, the longer it is going to take to get it flushed for good.

How to Pass the Urine Test then?
The tips and methods are simple but needs to be followed if you are serious about getting that dream job. Here is what you need to do…

Quit toking for 30 days straight – its easy if its once in a while toker, but for a regular, it’s a tough call, but needless, you need to decide what comes first
Faking it full-on – people want you to submit a urine sample, it need not be yours if you cannot resist the temptation to toke it the day before. Sneak in a bag of your buddy’s sample and switch it when the time comes to submitting yours
Organic cleansing drinks – these are available in plenty, check for details and also check references if you are serious about using it. Some have tall claims but are not known to be that effective.
Synthetic urine – this is the most popular way to pass it, you can buy these from online stores and use it instead of your sample

The best and the most effective is the first on the list. It is better to stay focused on the job offer before you. It is best to ensure that you do not consume drugs for 90 days as in some cases THC can stay put in the system up until then.

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drug test

Have you heard people boast about how they have the ability of the keeping the number of times they had alcohol or abused drugs in their heads? Well, it is not only the grey matter that aids in keeping a count of things on the head, the hair strands too are default logs that store information pertaining to it. A single hair strand that is cut from the scalp line at the crown is good enough to ascertain things, which might be a worry for some who think that they can fool the world with fake urine samples!

How time period can it detect?
Dont be shocked when you know the truth – the hair can store information for as long as its length. Hair samples of 1.5 inches length can do the trick as 0.5 inches represents 30 days! This historical time period is a worry for some who think that they can get away with last week’s drug abuse or last month’s alcoholic bar fight!

How long does it take for a hair to show signs of drug or alcoholic abuse?
It all depends on the hair growth. On an average a strand of hair grows about 1.5 inches length during a month. Going by that, it takes about 4 – 5 days for the affected hair to grow on top of the scalp from the time of abuse. It is pertinent to remember that it’s the crown hair that can be used for such tests and not body hair as the rate of growth of the body hair is a lot slower than the former.

Is it possible for external exposure to drugs and alcohol to reflect on hair?
Disappointment again for those looking for a safe passage clause! It is a No! Hair sample tests for drug and alcoholic abuses take into account both the parent and the metabolite of drug usage. Metabolites can be present only in the case of direct consumption and not physical exposure. Therefore, for all those who are trying to pull out a few tricks off their sleeves will be in for a major disappointment.

In lieu with the above, hair drug tests are promoted as the safest and fool proof method of drug testing today. There are plenty of hair drug testing kits available for the same.

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